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Why do I take pictures?
You know how it is. Some days just fly past and others seem to drag on endlessly. Our normal days are tied to a schedule either because of the things we do or because of the people we share them with. Sometimes I feel it is all in vain, but matter can change in a minute and all is well again. We all live in this world. If there is one thing that can stop us for a moment and let us reflect upon our lives, a photograph is it.

That is probably the reason why I take pictures and why I still enjoy it.

Water is my life, my job and my joy due to many coincidences, moments and interesting people. I feel priviledged and happy because I am able to both keep memories and make plans for new shenanigans with my friends. I wish you all were as fortunate.

It is the dream of every photographer to be able to capture the space, perspective, colors, ideas and creativeness into their pictures. The underwater adds new challenge to that. There is less light and the pressure and humidity make demands on the equipment, but it is all a part of the game and an interesting challenge to overcome.

There are some specific details under water as less light, higher pressure or everything gets wet. But it all belongs to that and it is great to try to understand its meaning.

The journey is more important to me than the goal and my photographs pave my way wherever I am.


Created (c) ATM+, 2005
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Petr Král